Spring Cleaning With  Feng Shui

How to declutter your life and your home for a peaceful and balanced world!

So What is Feng Shui?

The ultimate goal of feng shui, as it pertains to decor, is to create a sense of peace within the home.

Use colors, smells, and objects to revitalize qi 

Before You Start Feng Shui Decluttering:

Realize that clutter is not only found in the home with physical excess.

You also have emotional and spiritual decluttering to do as well.

A Shift In Purpose

 This idea completely changed the way I felt about decluttering.

My goal shifted from how I wanted a room to look to how I wanted to feel when I came into it.

Where To Start?

To achieve good qi, you will need to declutter spaces that have the most meaning to you. You may want to focus on the following areas first:

Areas To Focus On

1. Rooms you enter first when you come home

2. Bedrooms

3. Rooms where you spend the most time

How to Choose Objects to Throw Away

You may have to get rid of things that have some meaning to you.

 If you have difficulty throwing things away, use the following guidelines to help get you started

Get rid of something if:

- You hate the way it looks

- It is broken and cannot be fixed

- It does not fit

- It reminds you of something painful

- It is used less than once per year

- It is a health hazard

Improve Feng Shui in a Room

- Slow Energy Flow With Area Rugs

- Draw Attention to Your Front Door

- Add Contemplative Artwork

- Balance Your Elements

- Optimize Natural Light

- Use Essential Oils

Final Thoughts

The beautiful thing about feng shui is that it is largely instinctive.

The success of feng shui is determined by how one feels within a space.That means it is open to interpretation. 

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